Kingmakers proudly partnered with the esteemed House of Frooogs, known for its ties to Cirque du Soleil, and the official 2024 Las Vegas Super Bowl Committee to curate an unforgettable House on Hacienda Super Bowl Experience. 

Nestled at the foot of the iconic Luxor Hotel & Casino Pyramid, our collaboration spanned five nights of unparalleled refinement and celebration, including a star-studded tailgate party that set the stage for the festivities. Amidst themed RVs adorned with Frooogs-inspired decor and captivating art installations, guests reveled in the unique ambiance, gathering around fire pits to savor moments of reflection and camaraderie.

Against the backdrop of iconic Allegiant Stadium, our newly launched Kingmakers No.1 Persona cigar took center stage, delighting VIP guests with its meticulously crafted blend and unrivaled lounge experience. As the evening unfolded to the melodic tunes , the spirit of community and celebration flourished, embodying the essence of the Super Bowl experience

Stay tuned for future collaborations as we continue to foster and curate moments of triumph, joy, and connection.